Building a Stand

A stand attracts visitors at Maker Faire!A stand is a great way to display your Kinetic Creature and invite others to interact.  We've built many types of stands over the years and we thought we'd share some of the designs with you.

Anything that lifts your creature off the ground (about 9" from the axle to the ground for Geno) can become a stand.  Here's one we built for the Bay Area Maker Faire from pieces in the scrap bin at Tap Plastics. (Right) The two acrylic posts are glued to the Axle pieces running through Elly's body. 

Here's the first stand we ever built. This one combines laser-cut acrylic with a wooden block. The block was notched to fit the acrylic using a table-saw. (Right)

Recently, we've designed a laser-cut stand that can be cut and built entirely from 1/8" wood or acrylic.  

The laser-cut stand has two versions:  The first is the manual "hand-turn" version, the second is for motorized animals, and includes a hole for a toggle "on/off" switch, like this one from Sparkfun.  

 If you have access to a laser-cutter (lucky you!) you can make one of these. 

Here are links to the patterns in .eps format on

Motorized stand design.eps

Turn-handle stand design.eps

We've also  formatted the files for Ponoko, they'll cut it in bamboo, acrylic, or several other materials. These files can also be a great starting-off point for your own variations!

To view or edit these, you'll need Inkscape (free!) or Adobe Illustrator. 

For this turn-handle addition, we use pliers to bend the turn-handle for one-handed use.  For the motorized version, we clip one of the battery wires, and run two wires from it down to the toggle switch in the stand. (these steps are optional, of course!)

Happy Making!